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If cricket fans world over are asked about their favorite commentator then Bill Lawry would definitely be on top. Non-traditional, rather an emotional man, Bill Lawry has also been the captain of Australian cricket team and a fine batsman but what took him to the heights of fame is his commentary.

Bill Lawry started his international career in Ashes, 1961 and represented Australia in 67 Test matches. He scored 5234 runs with a healthy average of 47.15 and best score of 210. He gained fame by scoring 420 runs in his first ever series which included a courageous knock of 130 at the difficult wicket of Lords.

Apparently a thin and frail looking Bill Lawry is 74 years old today and he still entertains the cricket fans with his exciting commentary. It’s amazing that the player under whose leadership Lawry started his career is now considered his best partner in the commentary box.  Yes, Richie Benaud was Australian captain in the tour.

Born on this day in 1937 in the outskirts of Melbourne, Bill Lawry grew up to become a fine batsman. He was one of those batsmen who are hard to be got out and was described as “a corpse with pads on” by the English journalist Ian Wooldridge.

He played his last Test in 1971 at his home ground but did not call it a day for cricket and after some time reappeared in background in the commentary box and claimed universal fame for his running commentary.  The Kerry Packer series of 1977-78 was a big breakthrough for him as a commentator during which he partnered with Richie Benaud and Fred Truman. His team with Richie Benaud was considered the best commentary pair particularly in 80s and 90s.

Bill Lawry has changed the commentary. He does not just comment but gets himself involved in the match. His immediate reaction on good shots and a louder voice as compared to traditional commentators helped him to win instant fame. He used to get so excited during the commentary that sometimes he rose to his feet. He said that he did not want to continue beyond the retiring age of 65 years but liked watching great players and doing commentary. Lawry claims he does not do any homework before any match nor does he analyse after any game whatever he says in the commentary box is extempore. He says he enjoys every delivery, every fallen wicket, every fabulous catch and run out and tries to share his joy with the fans of the game.
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