Almost after two years of its inception, Cricnama has now become a bilingual blog. One of its principal objectives is to promote quality writings both in English and Urdu, so we wholeheartedly welcome and support those who want to write quality articles about cricket.

Be it cricket's current news or history, interviews or players’ profiles, new records or match analyses, we invite writers to be a part of our mission and we consider them an asset for the blog.

People who are not experts in writing but have know-how of graphic designing, video editing, social networking, etc., can also contact us to put in their efforts.

To uphold the standard, reader’s interest and the prosperity of Cricnama, we have formulated a few terms and conditions for write-ups. These rules are not meant to impose unreasonable restrictions on anyone or to discourage anybody from writing for us, but their sole purpose is to maintain the standard of the blog. So those interested in writing for Cricnama should read them thoroughly.

Terms and Conditions:

1.  All pieces of writing will be published after the consensus of Cricnama’s administration.

2. The administration has a right to edit, change or reject any article.

3. Though the administration tries to provide reason rejecting any write-ups, but it is not bound to do so in every case.

4. The administration unanimous decision to reject or accept any article will be considered final.

5. Cricnama strongly discourages plagiarism. The administration will not only reject such articles, but also blacklist such authors at once and for ever.

6. We will not consider articles which are already published somewhere. Cricnama does not publish writings already issued in any newspaper, magazine or on the Internet.

7. The administration will post the author’s name and link of their blog or website (if any).

8. Cricnama is presently in its initial stage and is not earning. So we will not pay the money to our contributors at this stage.

9. We will encourage people associated with different journalistic and media organisations for examples newspapers, TV channels and magazines.

Interested people can use our contact page to send their write-ups or use Cricnama’s Facebook page.

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