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On this day in 1985, the third and last Test of Pakistan’s tour to New Zealand concluded in Dunedin.  Pakistan needed to win this one to level the series as they had lost the second test in Auckland by a margin of innings and 99 runs and wanted to make it even. They wanted to avert the Kiwis revenge of loss in their home ground but Jeremy Connie and Martin Crowe played a memorable knock and the last wicket stand of 50 runs sealed the defeat for Pakistan even Wasim Akram’s ten wickets in the match couldn’t help.

[caption id="attachment_253" align="alignright" width="209"]Wasim Akram’s memorable performance couldn’t help Pakistan win the match (Photo: Getty Images) Wasim Akram’s memorable performance couldn’t help Pakistan win the match (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption]

Seeing the pitch being suitable for fast bowling both the teams went in the match without any spinner. Wasim Akram had the experience of only one Test and that game too didn’t leave any pleasant memories. On his debut Pakistan had lost with an innings and 90 runs and in Dunedin they were facing the series loss.

Understanding the conditions wisely New Zealand decided to bowl first after winning the toss and thus began the test for Pakistan. The third wicket stand of 141 runs between Javed Miandad and Qasim Omar brought hope for Pakistan but none of the other players could perform well. Pakistan’s last eight wickets could add only 33 runs in the score which shows the poor performance put up by the batsmen. From the Kiwis’ side Richard Hadlee picked up six wickets and despite Qasim Omar’s 96 and Miandad’s 76 Pakistan scored only 274 runs.

In return New Zealand too couldn’t survive Wasim Akram’s attack and besides Martin Crowe (57) no other Kiwi Batsman could put a bold front against Pakistani bowlers and got all out for 220 runs. Pakistan got an encouraging lead of 54 runs but more importantly it was a young fast bowler which brought Pakistan back into the game.  Wasim Akram achieved his first five-wicket haul in only his second Test heralding a bright future. He picked up the precious wickets of Geoff Howarth, John Reed, Martin Crowe, Geoff Crowe and Lance Cairns.

But Pakistan batted even more poorly in the second innings. Qasim Omar put up a stand of 67 runs with Mohsin Khan for second wicket and of 54 runs with wicket keeper Anil Dilpat for sixth wicket. The last wicket stand of 42 between Wasim Akram and Rashid Khan added some respect to the total but by large Pakistani batsmen put on a poor show. Zaheer Abbass who had scored only six in first innings went out without a run in second while Saleem Malik failed to get into double figures after scoring none in the first innings. Javed Miandad scored only two and Mudassir Nazar five and the whole Pakistani side perished at 223 runs.

New Zealand received a target of 278 runs which seemed difficult considering the behaviour of wicket and their first innings performance, became almost impossible when Pakistani bowlers sent back their top four batsmen for only 23 runs. John Wright, John Reed, Geoff Howarth and Geoff Crowe returned to pavilion one after another. Wasim Akram picked up Howarth and Geoff Crowe on two consecutive boundaries and put Pakistan on top of the game and thus bringing series levelling victory in sight. But at this instant Martin Crowe and Jeremy Connie erected a partnership of 157 runs which not only changed the course of the game but also became the reason for a historic win for New Zealand. Both of them negotiated the pace attack of Pakistan well and avoided further loss for New Zealand. Till the end of the day New Zealand were 114 for the loss of four wickets, and it was then when match entered into a sensational phase.

On the last day of the match both the players played cautiously in the early session and tried not to lose any further wicket but Martin Crowe fell to Tahir Naqash after scoring 84 off 165 runs.  Now all the responsibility lied on Connie’s shoulders who had to steer New Zealand to their destination along with tail enders but he didn’t really have any controls on the wickets falling at the other end. With 37 runs added, New Zealand lost two more wickets.

Lance Cairns entered the field when seven wickets had fallen, on a pitch which was producing sudden bounce, without a helmet. This was a mistake and it cost him dearly when a ball from Wasim Akram hit him straight on his head and he had to leave the ground in delicate condition. Cairns was shifted to a hospital where a minor fracture was detected in his skull and he was unable to get into the field despite his wish. He had to stay in hospital for three days. Lance Cairns is the father of renowned Kiwi all rounder Chris Cairns. Losing him by injury meant that now New Zealand had only two wickets left and Pakistan were tightening their grip on the match. Wasim Akram led them close to victory when he picked the wicket of Brendan Bracewell at the total of 228, while New Zealand needed 50 more runs. Jeremy Connie was lucky to have his wicket intact till tea break and New Zealand needed 43 runs in the last session of the match.

Pakistan lost the match when on the very first ball of the last session Rashid Khan dropped a simple catch off Jeremy Connie and in this manner match was gifted to New Zealand. Connie’s partner till the end was Evan Chattefield who also played his best and the most memorable innings of his life and scored 21 runs facing 84 balls. Connie scored second century of his career and both of them scored 50 runs for the last wicket to lead New Zealand to this remarkable victory.

It was a disappointing loss for Pakistan after winning it against New Zealand in the home series but one positive outcome of the tour was Wasim Akram’s find who was to be the architect of many victories in future. Wasim Akram played only two of the matches in series and got 12 wickets with the average of 19.41. In the same match Javed Miandad became the youngest batsman to complete 5000 runs. He was 27 years old then. While Richard Headlee too became the first Kiwi bowler to pick his 250th wicket in this match. Wasim Akram was declared man of the match for his brilliant performance.

Scorecard of the historic match

Pakistan vs New Zealand, 3rd Test

February 9-14, 1985

Venue: Carisbrook, Dunedin, New Zealand

Result: New Zealand won by 2 wickets

Player of the match: Wasim Akram

پاکستان1st inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Mudassar Nazarc Jeff Crowe b Hadlee182910
Mohsin Khanrun out3911750
Qasim Umarc Jeff Crowe b Coney96215100
Javed Miandadc Smith b Hadlee79157100
Zaheer Abbasc Reid b Hadlee6810
Rashid Khanc Martin Crowe b Hadlee0900
Anil Dalpatb Bracewell162720
Saleem Maliklbw b Hadlee0300
Tahir Naqqashc Wright b Hadlee0300
Azeem Hafeezc Smith b Bracewell4800
Wasim Akramnot out1800
Extras(b 1, lb 2, nb 12)15
Total(all out; 94.2 overs)274


New Zealand bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Richard Hadlee245516
Brendon Bracewell18.21812
lance Cairns220770
Ewen Chatfield246460
Jeremy Coney61161


نیوزی لینڈ1st inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Geoff Howarthb Wasim Akram236440
John Wrightc Qasim Umar b Azeem Hafeez324231
John Reidb Wasim Akram246040
Martin Crowec Javed Miandad b Wasim Akram57171110
Jeff Crowelbw b Wasim Akram61210
Jeremy Coneyc †Anil Dalpat b Rashid Khan245810
Richard Hadleec †Anil Dalpat b Rashid Khan182020
Ian Smithlbw b Tahir Naqqash123420
Lance Cairnsc Anil Dalpat b Wasim Akram62000
Brendon Bracewellc Rashid Khan b Tahir Naqqash32300
Ewen Chatfieldnot out2800
Extras(b 7, lb 5, nb 1)13
Total(all out; 85.4 overs)220


Pakistan bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Rashid Khan237642
Azeem Hafeez206651
Wasim Akram267565
Tahir Naqqash16.44232


پاکستان2nd inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Mudassar Nazarc Coney b Bracewell51210
Mohsin Khanc MD Crowe b Hadlee278120
Qasim Umarc †Smith b Chatfield8921180
Javed Miandadc Reid b Hadlee2300
Zaheer Abbaslbw b Cairns0700
Saleem Malikb Cairns92610
Anil Dalpatb Chatfield217130
Tahir Naqqashrun out1500
Rashid Khanb Bracewell376960
Azeem Hafeezb Chatfield71710
Wasim Akramnot out83910
Extras(b 1, lb 9, nb 7)17
Total(all out; 88.4 overs)223


New Zealand bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Richard Hadlee269592
Brendon Bracewell14.42482
Lance Cairns224412
Ewen Chatfield265653


نیوزی لینڈ2nd innings (target 278 runs)RunsBalls4s6s
Geoff Howarthc Mohsin Khan b Wasim Akram173830
John Wrightc Mohsin Khan b Azeem Hafeez11400
John Reidc †Anil Dalpat b Wasim Akram0700
Martin Crowec Mudassar Nazar b Tahir Naqqash84165120
Jeff Crowelbw b Wasim Akram0100
Jeremy Coneynot out111243120
Richard Hadleeb Azeem Hafeez112210
Ian Smithc Javed Miandad b Wasim Akram6900
Lance Cairnsretired hurt0500
Brendon Bracewellc Tahir Naqqash b Wasim Akram42410
Ewen Chatfieldnot out218410
Extras(b 5, lb 6, w 1, nb 11)23
Total(8 wickets; 99.4 overs)278


Pakistan bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Rashid Khan92330
Azeem Hafeez329842
Wasim Akram3310725
Tahir Naqqash16.41581
Madassar Nazar92200
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