Cricket runs in the blood of people of Pakistan and India and is a common passion between the two countries. The extent of fans’ love to cricket can be gauged by the fact that at least one topic related to the sport is always in trending on Twitter in India. Moreover, the world’s biggest league is played in this zone. Stadiums here remain filled to capacity even in Test matches, not to mention the Twenty20 cricket, which is now considered as the most famous format of the game. On the other hand in Pakistan, the situation is not much different. No matter how is law and order in the country, enthusiasts forget their racial, ethnic, tribal and age differences when it comes to cricket. People here are mad about the sport. Every time the national team win a match, Pakistanis unite in jubilation, setting aside their contrasts. Against this backdrop of insatiable appetite of people towards the sport, Cricnama was formed almost two years ago. And now, its English version is at your disposal. We will strive to give our readers accurate information, facts and analyses. And as the people’s attachment and enthusiasm towards the sport grow up, we – with the help of our mate bloggers, analysts and readers – will try to piggyback on that passion to make the blog a place of gathering for the lovers of the game. Time will tell how successful we would be in achieving our aims. But we will try to make this blog a complete package for cricket fans. We would be obliged if cricket devotees, especially with writing background, write for us. Interested people can visit contact page on the blog.

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