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There are some records in the long history of cricket, spread for about 150 years, which cannot be broken, they can be shared and equalled only. Hence only few players have been able to achieve them. One of these records is bowling out all ten batsmen in an innings. Only two bowlers have achieved this remarkable feat in the cricket history, an Englishman, Jim Laker and an Indian, Anil Kumble.

[caption id="attachment_205" align="alignright" width="230"]On this day, a computer engineer engraved his name among the great bowlers of history (Photo: Getty Images) On this day, a computer engineer engraved his name among the great bowlers of history (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption]

It was this day in 1999, at FerozShah Kotla Stadium Dehli  when Anil Kumble picked up all ten wickets of archrivals Pakistan helping India to win with a big margin of 212 runs and level the two match series .

Pakistan were visiting India after a long time and things were so bad that the first match of series could not be held at the scheduled venue of Dehli, as extremist Hinuds had dug up the pitch of Ferozshah Kotla stadium and the match had to be shifted to Chennai. Pakistan seized a sensational win beating India by 12 runs in Chennai and got an unassailable lead in the series.

It was a difficult call for India to prepare a spinner friendly wicket because Saqlain Mushtaq was in fabulous form and he guided Pakistan’s victory in the first test. But India replied strongly in Dehli where a 28-year-old computer engineer, Kumble levelled the 43-year-old record of magical English spinner Jim Laker.

Facing troubles, when Indian side reached Dehli they found a traditional slow pitch, and both the teams decided to go with two spinners. India decided to bat first after winning the toss, considering the difficulties of batting in fourth innings and succeeded in scoring 252 runs with the help of responsible batting by Azharuddin and Sadagoppan Ramesh.  Saqlain Mushtaq bagged five while Mushtaq Ahmed picked up two wickets.

It was an encouraging start for Pakistan but they couldn’t face the bowling pair of Anil Kumble and Harbhajan Singh and were perished at just 172 runs. The poor performance of Pakistan was evident from the scorecard: the best score of the innings was 32 by Shahid Afridi followed by Salim Malik with 31 and the third highest was in the form of extras. India came back into the game after getting a lead of 80 runs in the first innings although they had scored just 252 runs in the first innings.

In the seconds innings Sadagoppan Ramesh, with his superb innings of 96, laid the foundations of Indian victory and a 100-run stand for the eighth wicket between Saurav Ganguly and Javagal Sriath ousted Pakistan form the game. Indian innings concluded with 339 runs on the board leaving Pakistan to chase a Himalayan total of 420 runs, that too against their archrivals in their own backyard.

A 101-run opening stand by Shahid Afridi and Saeed Anwar provided some hope for Pakistan, but a decision by umpire Jay Parakash ended the fine innings of Afridi on 41. Anguished Afridi returned to pavilion with heavy feet, and India found a chink in the armour of Pakistani batting.

Anil Kumble with his high arm action used his quicker delivery effectively and trapped Ejaz Ahmed in front of wickets.  Fall of Inzimam ul Haq and Yousuf Yohanna in back-to-back overs proved fatal for Pakistan. Moin Khan was the fifth victim of Kumble followed by Saeed Anwar who got out after scoring 69 runs. After getting the first six wickets, all of the Indian efforts were centred on letting Kumble get all the wickets.  Other bowlers played their role by not bowling in line. So the record bowling performance if can be owned by Anil Kumble, it was also supported by Indian captain Azharuddin and his bowlers.

When Pakistani captain Wasim Akram lost his wicket after getting caught by Laxman on a cut, all the Indian team and thousands of spectators in the ground were ecstatic. It was the first occasion since 1956 when a bowler had grabbed all the ten wickets in an innings. Before this occasion only Jim Laker had achieved this record against Australia in Old Trafford.

However, Jim Laker’s exploit was different as he picked up 19 wickets in the match and only one wicket did not fall to him otherwise an unbreakable record would have been made, unless we have a change in law to increase the number of players from 11 in a side. While Kumble had picked 14 wickets in the Dehli Test and seven in the previous match at Chennai which summed his tally of 21 wickets in the two-match series.

After this match a joke was rife in Pakistan that Anil Kumble took only seven wickets while the other three were ousted by Arani Jay Prakash (umpire). It was clear that the Afridi’s dismissal was not correct but to question his other decisions seems like whining. However, it was hard on many followers of the game that Jay Parakash raised his finger at once after appeal. Anyhow Anil Kumble’s performance will endure in the history books till the game is played, in spite of all the talk.

The story of umpire Jay Paraksh is an interesting one. He escaped controversy in Dehli but faced a lot of hullabaloo, when two years later he judged poorly on many occasions during the match between Sri Lanka and England at Galle. These exploits were enough to prove his ability and he couldn’t rise on international scene again and announced his retirement eventually.

Scorecard of the unforgettable match

Pakistan vs India, 2nd Test

February 4-7, 1999

Venue: Feroz Shah Kotla

Result: India won by 212 runs

Player of the match: Anil Kumble

بھارت1st inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Sadagoppan Rameshb Saqlain Mushtaq6011970
VVS Laxmanb Wasim Akram358450
Rahul Dravidlbw b Saqlain Mushtaq3310140
Sachin Tendulkarlbw b Saqlain Mushtaq61110
Mohammad Azharaddunc Ijaz Ahmed b Mushtaq Ahmed6713471
Sourav Gangulylbw b Mushtaq Ahmed135730
Nayan Mongiarun out (Shahid Afridi)102300
Anil Kumblec Yousuf Youhana b Saqlain Mushtaq0900
Javagal Srinathlbw b Saqlain Mushtaq0800
Venkatesh Prasadnot out11000
Harbhajan Singhrun out (Wasim Akram/Moin Khan)1100
Extra(b 11, lb 9, nb 6)26
Total(all out; 91.5 overs)252


Pakistan bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Wasim Akram133231
Waqar Younis135370
Mushtaq Ahmed265642
Saqlain Mushtaq35.59945
Shahid Afridi41140


پاکستان1st inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Saeed Anwarc Mongia b Prasad1500
Shahid Afridib Harbhajan Singh325332
Ijaz Ahmedc Dravid b Kumble174530
Inzamam-ul-Haqb Kumble266230
Yousuf Youhanac & b Kumble32400
Saleem Malikc Azharuddin b Prasad315940
Moin Khanlbw b Srinath141920
Wasim Akramlbw b Harbhajan Singh155710
Mushtaq Ahmedc Laxman b Harbhajan Singh124620
Saqlain Mushtaqlbw b Kumble21500
Waqar Younisnot out11100
Extra(b 1, lb 8, nb 9)
Total(all out; 64.3 overs)172


India bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Javagal Srinath121381
Venkatesh Prasad122202
Harbhajan Singh175303
Anil Kumble24.34754


بھارت2nd inningsRunsBalls4s6s
Sadagoppan Rameshc & b Mushtaq Ahmed96227150
VVS Laxmanb Wasim Akram81620
Rahul Dravidc Ijaz Ahmed b Saqlain Mushtaq297220
Sachin Tendulkarc Wasim Akram b Mushtaq Ahmed296540
Mohammad Azharaddunb Wasim Akram142420
Sourav Gangulynot out6212762
Nayan Mongialbw b Wasim Akram0100
Anil Kumblec Ijaz Ahmed b Saqlain Mushtaq153620
Javagal Srinathc Ijaz Ahmed b Saqlain Mushtaq4911650
Venkatesh Prasadb Saqlain Mushtaq6610
Harbhajan Singhb Saqlain Mushtaq0100
Extras(b 13, lb 9, nb 9)
Total(all out; 113.4 overs)339


Pakistan bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Wasim Akram213433
Waqar Younis122420
Mushtaq Ahmed46.4131225
Saqlain Mushtaq264862
Shahid Afridi81240


پاکستانPakistan 2nd innings (target: 420 runs)RunsBalls4s6s
Saeed Anwarc Laxman b Kumble69128120
Shahid Afridic †Mongia b Kumble416470
Ijaz Ahmedlbw b Kumble0100
Inzamam-ul-Haqb Kumble61410
Yousuf Youhanalbw b Kumble0200
Mojn Khanc Ganguly b Kumble32000
Saleem Malikb Kumble155930
Wasim Akramc Laxman b Kumble376670
Mushtaq Ahmedc Dravid b Kumble11300
Saqlain Mushtaqlbw b Kumble0100
Waqar Younisnot out6510
Extras(b 15, lb 2, w 2, nb 10)
Total(all out; 60.3 overs)207


India bowlingOversMaidensRunsWickets
Javagal Srinath122500
Venkatesh Prasad41150
Anil Kumble26.397410
Harbhajan Singh185510
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