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Nobody could imagine that Pakistan would whitewash the series against world No. 1 England. What is sad that Pakistan, after achieving this great victory, have not got any promotion in world rankings nor have the England lost their top position.

[caption id="attachment_273" align="alignright" width="300"]Saeed Ajmal flying high, attaining 2nd position in world rankings (Photo: Getty Images) Saeed Ajmal flying high, attaining 2nd position in world rankings (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption]

As a matter of fact the progress of Pakistan in world rankings lot depended on the series between India and Australia where Indian victory would have resulted in further loss of points for Australia and Pakistan could jump to fourth position by defeating England. But ‘neighbours’ made it difficult for us by losing it big time 4-0 and Australia has secured several points and is still on 4th rank with 111 points. While India is little ahead on third position with equal number of points. Pakistan on the other hand is still on 5th rank despite gaining nine points. This is the first time since 2007 that Pakistan has obtained 108 points.

The competition has become tougher among the top five sides after the two clean sweeps, Australia-India and Pakistan-England, in a row. Pakistan is now only three points away from 3rd and 4th ranked teams of India and Australia and eight points from 2nd ranked South Africa.

England, on the other hand, have faced a great loss in points they are ranked No. 1 one nevertheless. Losing to a lower ranked side of Pakistan, in the shape of a clean sweep, their points total has fallen from 125 to 118 points and thus they are only a point ahead of number two side of South Africa. South Africa can now deprive England from the top slot by winning against New Zealand with a clean sweep.

As per the ICC release received by Cricnama, this is the first series defeat for England after their loss against West Indies in 2008-09, hence their first loss under the coaching of Andy Flower. For Pakistan this is a historic occasion as this is their first white wash against England.

[caption id="attachment_272" align="alignright" width="238"]Younis Khan, the Dubai centurion, is once again on 5th position among batsmen (Photo: Getty Images) Younis Khan, the Dubai centurion, is once again on 5th position among batsmen (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption]

Pakistan’s next series is with Sri Lanka, scheduled in May-June, where a victory can improve their rankings.  While the highlights of individual rankings are Younis Khan’s return on 5th position and Azhar Ali’s rise to top ten. Younis Khan, by virtue of his century in the last Test, has jumped to 5th position with 797 points, while his career best innings of 157 runs has helped Azhar Ali getting the 10th position. Misbahul Haq, however, is out of top ten after batting poorly in the last test. At present Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakara is still on the top spot with 850 points while Jacques Kallis is on second position with 846 points.

Among bowlers Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal is still on second position while Abdur Rehman has progressed to 7th position. Man of the series Saeed Ajmal is now the best spinner in the world while his rival Graeme Swann has dropped to 6th in rankings who is only a point ahead of Abdur Rehman – the Abu Dhabi hero.

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