Having already defeated by England in the Ashes 2013, Australia themselves are shedding tears, and aim to make “cheat” Stuart Broad “cry” when England visit Down Under this winter for the return Ashes series.

[caption id="attachment_2213" align="alignright" width="300"]“I hope he cries and goes home,” Lehmann says about Broad (Photo: PA Photos) “I hope he cries and goes home,” Lehmann says about Broad (Photo: PA Photos)[/caption]

Broad is still the centre of Australia’s snide remarks for not leaving the ground despite edging Ashton Agar to slip in the first Test at Trent Bridge.

Now Australian coach Darren Lehmann has reignited the controversy, urging Aussie public to send Broad back home in tears.

"I hope the Australian public give it to him right from the word go for the whole summer," he told an Australian radio network, Triple M.

"And I hope he cries and goes home. I don't advocate walking, but when you hit it to first slip it's pretty hard."

So Australia, who failed to outperform England on the field, are now eyeing to make Broad cry by sledging. Nobody has imagined that this could be the anticlimax of the great Australia.

Experts criticised Lehmann’s remarks, with some saying he is trying to distract attention from his team’s defeat.

ABC commentator Jim Maxwell urged Australian cricket board to watch Lehmann’s words.

"Cricket Australia needs to tell Darren to zip it. He's out of order. Broad's going to cop a bit of heckling, but don't pour petrol on it," he told the BBC.

The last Test of the Ashes series is set to begin today and Australia will try to save themselves from a possible 4-0 defeat in the series.

England are also set to make a trip to Australia from November 21 for the return Ashes series.
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