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At a time when most of the international players are having their bread buttered on both sides, Pakistani players are among the poorest of the players in the world. They do not get big money from the board nor do they get a chance to play in the Indian Premier League due to the tense relations between Pakistan and India, although they are better than many players in the world. Many less talented cricketers are making hay while the sun is shining on them. Due to this reason, national players want to raise their voice in demand of better central contracts and match fees and for that they have decided to form a ‘Pakistani Cricketers Association’.

[caption id="attachment_280" align="alignright" width="300"]Match fees of players were last increased in Ejaz Butt’s tenure (Photo: Getty Images) Match fees of players were last increased in Ejaz Butt’s tenure (Photo: Getty Images)[/caption]

The Pakistan Cricket Board is about to announce new central contracts in a few days and there are not good tidings for players. Players are not happy in not having an increment in the upcoming new central contracts and have decided to have a joint stand to pressurise the board. Sources say that they are encouraged by a former captain of the national side.

A player, on condition of anonymity, has told Cricnama that they would soon announce the formation of Pakistani Cricketers Association. He further added, “We do not want to fail this time because such efforts have been made during the tenure of Wasim Akram and then Younis Khan’s captaincy but none of these captains had the support of sincere companions, while we are guided by a former Test Captain who has been trying to gather all players on a platform and has good terms with senior players.”

Another senior player has confirmed that the players have been trying to make such association saying “...regarding this some players have talked with me and tried to convince me that by establishing this association they can raise voice for their rights, about central contract and match fees in particular”.

The movers and shakers of this proposed association have even contacted politicians to seek their help in this regard. Players’ power is already a big factor in Pakistan cricket and if they succeed in forming a strong platform they can easily make the board concede to their demands. Sources from the PCB say that the announcement of central contract is being delayed as few senior players want a 100 percent rise in the contract’s amount while the board is not accepting this demand.

It was during Ejaz Butt’s term in office, when the Pakistan Cricket Board last made a rise in players’ match fee and now players want that increment again so that some compensation can be done for the restrictions they have been facing at international level.
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