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When Waqar Younis left Pakistani team high and dry, the first test of the new leadership of Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Zaka Ashraf was to arrange a suitable coach for Pakistan. They needed a coach who could guide them further on the path of victories. After their efforts for many months, at last Pakistan have appointed the renowned coach Dav Whatmore for a two-year contract. Getting fame for coaching Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Dav Whatmore belongs to Australia. He has been a candidate for Pakistan’s coaching post in the past but board selected Geoff Lawson back then. Things turned out in his favour this time and despite Mohsin Khan’s success and efforts he was able to get this post.

[caption id="attachment_224" align="alignright" width="300"]Waqar Younis thinks that bowling should be appointed on Whatmore’s recommendation (Photo: AFP) Waqar Younis thinks that bowling should be appointed on Whatmore’s recommendation (Photo: AFP)[/caption]

Younis thinks that after the appointment of two foreign coaches, bowling coach should also be appointed on Whatmore’s recommendation.

Whatmore’s predecessor Younis, who had resigned from coaching due to personal reasons, has called it a good decision. After Waqar’s departure, board appointed Mohsin Khan as the interim coach and constituted a three-member committee for selection of coach. On this committee’s recommendations Whatmore was selected for this job last week. Talking with the famous cricket website Pak Passion, he said that Whatmore’s experience in coaching the teams of sub-continent made him the most suitable candidate for this position and after coaching Sri Lanka and Bangladesh he has taken the most difficult job in the cricket world – coaching Pakistan.

Waqar Younis, who grabbed 789 wickets in his international career, has a positive opinion about Dav Whatmore. He believes that besides having achievements like 1996 World Cup victory for Sri Lanka and Bangladesh’s first ever Test triumph on his resume, Whatmore understands the sub-continental culture and has a Sri Lankan background too. He expects Whatmore to deliver. However, Whatmore, in his opinion, is strict in his behaviour and likes hard work, and under him things won’t be easy for players. Younis thinks that the players now want to learn and work hard and some of them worked tirelessly under his coaching. He believes that players are now looking forward to work with Whatmore and progress as a team.

Younis is not interested in the position of bowling coach, lying vacant after Aqib Javed’s resignation. “I left the role of head coach at the PCB due to personal reasons and I don’t see myself working as the bowling coach at the moment. No, I’m not really interested in the role at the moment” he said. Javed has now taken up the responsibility of UAE’s coach.

Besides head coach, Pakistan have appointed another foreigner as a fielding coach, Julian Fountain, arising debate whether the new bowling coach would also be a foreigner. Regarding this Waqar says “…it’s extremely important that Dav’s input is taken into account by the PCB. Whoever is brought in as the bowling coach should be on Whatmore’s recommendation”.

Under Whatmore, Pakistan’s first Test begins from March 11 in Asia Cup where Pakistan would face Bangladesh in the opening contest. Pakistan would also face the in-form Sri Lanka and the world champions and archrivals India in the championship.

(Courtesy: Pak Passion)
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