Pakistan won the first test against Zimbabwe due to an extra ordinary innings of Younis Khan. However, all other batsmen especially top order flopped. In first test Zimbabwe could not capitalise the momentum due to lack of experience but team Pakistan’s continuous poor performance provoked Zimbabwe to have a jubilant ending of the test. As I said earlier that Coach Whatmore should formulise, the strategy considering and tweaking the weaker aspects of the team otherwise these mistakes will haunt us again against South Africa and Sri lanka. But the players agreed upon bringing shame at the hands of Zimbabwe, this has created bigger trouble for Whatmore who is trying to console by saying that Pakistan equalised the series against Zimbabwe did not lose it.

Moin Khan who was a critique about the system and team when he was an expert on TV channels now when he has been appointed to a post in PCB he has declared grass as green. Former Wicket Keeper should have been worried about the defeats however, he is declaring the performance rather satisfactory saying Pakistan only played bad in two matches in the rest of the tour team played well. This indeed is another limit of naivety.

What are the reasons behind losing, who were the underperforming players, and which player has a falling performance graph? Our readers must have realised that very well as for past few days “experts” on TV are sobbing over the defeat and conducting autopsy of the team. The majority agrees that Pakistan lost due to the defensive approach of Captain Misbah who failed to act like a finisher in the second test mach. As a result Pakistan lost by 24 runs. If Misbah would have single handedly lead Pakistan to the victory he could avail the praises but now he is the only one facing the music and his critical 79 runs not out have been totally wasted. This is interesting that why experts fail to see that team is not all about Misbah only there were five other expert batsmen too who also failed completely.

It seems to be easy escape for the office holders in PCB to bring Captain down and cricket fans can be amused with the chants of new captain and new spirit. However, this will not be the solution of the real problem. There is need of changing the system not captain, system that is killing the capabilities of cricket in Pakistan. This is sheer helplessness that poor performers cannot be replaced as the options have either lesser experience or talent. Moreover, seniors like Younis Khan and Misbah Ul Haq are still playing because board and system failed to produce their replacement, and those who were painted as the next big thing are also in line to be replaced.

Just because the backup does not have good players, therefore the poor performers from Zimbabwe series will still manage to hold their spot against South Africa for the series in UAE. Change in system is inevitable to turn things around and creating a consistency in the performance. PCB is not producing good players regularly for the international level and as a result; cricket is on the verge of devastation. Rather than emphasising over changing the captain the need of hour is to change is vision, mindset and setting up an effective system that PCB can operate with and produce good results with any captain.
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