Sri Lanka, which has been advocating for the return of international cricket to Pakistan, is now helpless, too. The team was the first to visit Pakistan in 2009 after a long period, only to become the victim of gunmen. The event rocked Pakistani cricket, and it has been four years that no team has visited the country.

[caption id="attachment_2046" align="alignright" width="204"]Pakistan have defeated Sri Lanka in the UAE in T20, ODI and Test series in 2011 (Photo: AFP) Pakistan have defeated Sri Lanka in the UAE in T20, ODI and Test series in 2011 (Photo: AFP)[/caption]

The Pakistan Cricket Board is doing what it can do, but, practically, the environment is not suitable for international cricket. That is why Sri Lanka are also compelled to play the series on a neutral venue and now the series, which was earlier expected to held in Pakistan, will now be held in the UAE.

After the consultation between the boards of both countries, Sri Lanka have announced the schedule for ‘Pakistan tour’, which will not be in Pakistan, of course.

Both teams will play two T20s, five ODIs and three Tests at the end of the current year.

Sri Lanka will reach Dubai on December 27, whereas Pakistan will play a T20 against Afghanistan the next day.

Pakistan-Sri Lanka series will officially start from December 11 with a T20 in Dubai, and the next T20 will also be held in the same city.

Below is the complete schedule of the series:

Pakistan vs Sri Lanka 2013-14: Complete schedule

Pakistanvs Sri Lanka1st T20December 11, 2013Dubai
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka2nd T20December 13, 2013Dubai
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka1st ODIDecember 18, 2013Sharjah
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka2nd ODIDecember 20, 2013Dubai
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka3rd ODIDecember 22, 2013Sharjah
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka4th ODIDecember 25, 2013Abu Dhabi
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka5th ODIDecember 27, 2013Abu Dhabi
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka1st TestDecember 31, 2013Dubai
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka2nd TestJanuary 8, 2014Abu Dhabi
Pakistanvs Sri Lanka3rd TestJanuary 16, 2014Sharjah
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    inshallah pakistan jeeta ga srilanka ko haraya ga

  3. Pak can win easily in U.A.E, good luck #TeamPakistan..