Shahid Afridi and Umar Akmal will take part in Sharjah Sixes 2013 after they were ruled out of Pakistani’s 15-member squad announced for the next month’s Champions Trophy. The maiden Sharjah Sixes is set to start from May 20 and will be played among the best club teams.

[caption id="attachment_894" align="alignright" width="300"]Pakistan’s former captain Waqar Younis will be tournament’s brand ambassador (Photo: Sharjah Sixes) Pakistan’s former captain Waqar Younis will be tournament’s brand ambassador (Photo: Sharjah Sixes)[/caption]

The tournament is going to be held from May 20 to June 1 in the historic Sharjah stadium, which has the honour of hosting most ODIs. Forty-eight teams are participating in the 12-day tournament.

The event, to be held under the auspices of Sharjah Cricket Council, will be telecast on the famous TV channel Ten Sports. According to the tournament’s management, apart from the UAE, applications have been received from various clubs of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and even of Afghanistan.

The event’s total value would be one lakh UAE dirhams (AED). The winning team will be awarded 40,000 AED, while the runner-up and the third-ranked teams will get 25,000 AED and 15,000 AED, respectively. At individual level, player of the match, the best batsman, the best bowler and the player hitting the longest six will receive 2,000 AED each.

The 48 teams will be divided into 16 groups of three teams that means every team will play at least three matches. According to the rules of sixes tournaments, every match is played between two teams, comprising six players each, and five overs of six deliveries will be bowled. The fielding team is allowed to include two extra fielders apart from their six, which will make the total number of fielders eight. But only those five bowlers are allowed to bowl who are part of the team. A batsman has to retire after scoring 31 runs.

Pakistan’s former captain and coach Waqar Younis will be tournament’s brand ambassador and Bishan Singh Bedi, Mushtaq Muhammad Venkatapathy Raju will participate as chief guests.

The tournament’s website can be accessed here.
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