Indian police have always remained the first to expose match fixers. The police, who played a pivotal role in leading Hansie Cronje’s career to its nadir from its zenith, are now once again in action and have brought into question the credibility of the world’s biggest and the most affluent cricket league. Apart from arresting three Rajasthan Royals’ players, the police also unearthed startling revelations that how the players made certain gestures to alert bookies about the over they should put bet on.

[caption id="attachment_967" align="alignright" width="300"]Commissioner Delhi Police made sensational revelations during his press conference (Photo: AFP) Commissioner Delhi Police made sensational revelations during his press conference (Photo: AFP)[/caption]

After arrests were made by the special cell of Delhi Police in Mumbai, Delhi Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar revealed that they have discovered new fixing gestures. Gone are the days when players used to change grip, gloves and comb their hair with their fingers. Now players give maximum time to bookies for betting.

These players who earn hundreds of thousands of dollars are so much greedy for wealth that they are always hungry for more money, for instance, the Rajasthan Royals’ trio – Shanthakumaran Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila. A special cell of Delhi Police carried out raids in Mumbai early this morning. According to the police, they arrested Sreesanth from Mumbai’s Carter hotel, Chandila from outside Intercontinental hotel and Chavan from Trident hotel. Later in a crowded press conference, commissioner of Delhi Police talked to journalists. Fourteen bookies have also been detained apart from the players.

Police said the cricketers gave away 14 or more runs in certain overs. They did so using special gestures, for example, by putting towel behind trousers, setting fielding, putting out shirt from trousers, putting out locket from shirt, moving wrist watch, looking at the sky, etc. These actions show that the player is going to keep his ‘promise’ in this over. Police said they had wiretapped the conversations between players and bookies which span hours.

According to the police, all the three Rajasthan Royals’ players did spot-fixing in the matches against Pune Warriors, Kings XI Punjab and Mumbai Indians on May 5, 9 and 15, respectively. Chandila alerted bookies in the May 5 match, putting his short out of his trousers. He gave away 14 runs in the over and earned Rs40 lakh (Indian).

Later on May 9, Sreesanth performed the ‘feat’ in Mohali. Sreesanth put towel behind his trousers and exercised for a while, giving maximum time to bookies to put their bets. He also earned Rs40 lakh against 14 runs in an over. Police said Sreesath’s close friend Jiju Janardan was in connection with a bookie Chandresh Patel in this regard.

In the yesterday’s match against Mumbai Indians, spinner Chavan made a gesture for bookies by twisting his wrist band and gave 15 runs to earn Rs60 lakh. Two runs were scored in his first over and he looked so impatient in this over that he gave 14 runs on the first three balls. He managed to give one more run on the next three balls. Police said that although Chandila did not play in the match, he was in close liaison with the fixers.

Let’s see whether the police put a nail in the coffin of players’ future with by proving courts with the evidence. The Indian cricket board has suspended the trio and they may be banned for good if the allegations proved well founded.
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