The match between South Africa and New Zealand in Kimberley was not only historic because it was the latter’s first series win in South Africa in any format of the game, but it also saw five run-outs in an innings—10th time in one-day cricket history.

[caption id="attachment_212" align="alignright" width="300"]Nathan McCullum’s direct throws sent two batsmen packing (Photo: AP) Nathan McCullum’s direct throws sent two batsmen packing (Photo: AP)[/caption]

No ODI has ever witnessed more than five run-outs in one innings.

In 1975, the West Indies achieved the mark for the first time when in the final of the debut World Cup, five Australian batsmen got run-out, mainly thanks to the Windies’ brilliant fielding who won the historic match at Lord’s by 17 runs.

The record is still unbroken since then. It had also been unmatched for 13 years until 1988 when five players got run-out in a match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. The list has been expanding since then and the yesterday’s ODI was the 10th such match.

Below is a list of all the matches when five batsmen got run-out in one innings:

TeamTotal runsRun-outsResultvsDateVenue
آسٹریلیا2745Lossویسٹ انڈیزJune 21, 1975Lord's
نیوزی لینڈ258/85Winسری لنکاMarch 29, 1988Sharjah
پاکستان1735Lossویسٹ انڈیزDecember 12, 1992Adelaide
آسٹریلیا2585WinبھارتFebruary 27, 1996Mumbai
نیوزی لینڈ2135LossبھارتJanuary 12, 1999Napier
سری لنکا1925LossپاکستانJune 5, 2000Dhaka
ویسٹ انڈیز1785WinزمبابوےFebruary 5, 2001Perth
آسٹریلیا2525Lossسری لنکاFebruary 10, 2006Adelaide
زمبابوے2065Lossجنوبی افریقہAugust 22, 2007Bulawayo
جنوبی افریقہ2525Lossنیوزی لینڈJanuary 22, 2013Kimberley
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